Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Radio Station Reviews

1. offers a large collaboration of artists (visual, audio, and other) that mainly prime radio as a medium. Its a non profit and I hear through the grapevine that one of the founders is from the University of New Mexico. They feature great avante gaurde jazz and noise musicians and are streaming free all day on one of their two stations. They have this pretty dynamic looking pop-out player that, while non-intrusive, has little to no functionability (at least, when I was listening). Beyond that, they have some great DJs and I've have yet to hear a terrible set. They also promote musicians through community events and concerts, as well as the extensive profiles and external links on their website.

2. I don't know much behind the inner working of NOIZ-AETHERICA but I have this station set as one of my go-to's on live 365. If you want your ears to truly bleed, U.K.-er bulkmodulus (who also runs a 'roots dub noise' podcast) is the one who can find the tracks to do it. He plays a lot of breakcore, IDM, and jungle house music.


  1. oh, look whos changed his layout to look all nice and easy to navigate! I like the background you provided on the free103. And I really like the new setup.

  2. So how many artist have befited from these events? I think it is good way to promote locals and show people in the community the talent that is out there.