Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life Instruction #1: Have Fun

I've been thinking a lot about George Brecht after watching a hilarious performance of his work "Drip Music". He is tuned into the humor in what people consider art. If you don't know much about Brecht, he was a participant in Maciunas' festivals from the early stages of the Fluxus community. He would write these mass produced packages called 'Fluxkits' (1, 2) that would include instructions for fast D.I.Y. Fluxus art activities. Brecht wrote this one:

Consider an object. Call what is not the object "other". Add to the object, from the "other", another object, to form a new object and a new "other". Repeat until there is no more "other". Take a part from the object and add it to the "other", to form a new object and a new "other". Repeat until there is no more object.
-"2 exercises" from Water Yam
I've become increasingly aware of public instructions lately -- the colors of the streetlights, the annoying automated woman that sells me my groceries. I like the play of them. The transaction.


  1. Nothing annoys me more than the annoying voice of the automated woman that sells me my groceries.

  2. Community Statement for Sam’s blog: Inconsistent Beauty
    (Class Assignment)

    The first thing I noticed about the comments throughout your blog is that there are not very many and the few that are there are from me. I don’t think this is your fault Sam, I think the group needs to start posting more. I think this situation will improve now that you have started posting more posts. Your posts are interesting and provide good sources of info about the noise music genre. Your more recent posts display a good balance of info and media, whether they are videos or music clips. You make good use of your voice in your posts and it makes the content more personal. I have seen a good improvement on your blog in the last couple of weeks and I think your blog is an asset to the course.

  3. Is this guy the reason of why everything is becoming automated? I hate when I call my phone service provider and tell you I can help you with this transaction and then when you say something its like I am sorry I did not understand what you said and it plays over and over. These things are so sensitive that even the wind can ruin the call.

  4. hey do you like the blue man group? youtube them! oh and they have this thing about the steps of dancing...i have a shirt about it, i'll wear it to class sometime.