Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Favorite Noise(s) Pt 2

Inspired by notquitereality, I decided I'd throw together a google map with samples of my favorite noises. This is an ongoing project and I'll try to put up as many noises of my liking as often as I get around to filming them. Along with the vid, sounds, and locations, I'm including a little blurb about why I've chosen these as my "favorites".

Google decided that the extreme close-up would be the best starting point. Zoom out to see the content here or hit the View Larger Map button below for a smoother presentation. Enjoy.


  1. I really enjoy this ongoing project. I think it's interesting. I notice the "noise" in my house the most, when my power goes out and it all stops. The hum of the heater, fridge, computer, etc. I remember how quiet the skies seemed when planes were grounded after Sept. 11. So fun to take this noise and create art.

  2. I must have missed the blurb over why these are your favorites? How would I go about reading that?

    How do you feel about people popping chewing gum?

  3. Sam--can you do your technical presentation on how you constructed this map? I hope so! To respond to Shay--there' a randomness about these choices, I think, that corresponds to the thesis of Inconsistent Beauty. Shay--it's a bit like your running imagination--what you see on your runs you make something of.

  4. New comment, post-deletion, ethos-protection activity : HOW DID YOU DO THIS? step by step please